Get Creative with Herbs!

By Cameron Sonnentag I am a recent addition to the herb garden family, and I'm here to share my experience in growing and using herbs in different ways. Growing an herb garden is fun and versatile. If you have access to sunlight, soil, and consistent water, you will create a beautiful garden. You can grow [...]

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Let’s HIIT the Gym with Cameron’s Summer Workout!

illustration by Rami Niemi by Cameron Sonnentag If you’re not familiar, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is the most effective way to exercise and burn fat. High-Intensity Interval Training involves short bursts of intense exercise combined with low-intensity periods of recovery. The goal is to get your heart rate up; why you ask? [...]

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Top Films to Fit Your Summer Mood

      Written by: Cameron Sonnentag   While it can be fun to get outside this summer, I believe relaxing is just as important! And one of my favorite ways to relax this summer is to watch a movie. I have provided a list of my favorite summer movies, all of which are ranked [...]

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My Favorite Summer Activities

  Written by: Cameron Sonnentag     Hello, all you beautiful people! For today’s blog post, I want to talk to you about my favorite activities in summer. I encourage you to try one, if not all, of them! I hope you feel inspired to try something new or engage in an activity you’ve done [...]

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Creative Wellness: Choose Happiness!

Written by: Cameron Sonnentag     Creative Wellness is a helpful coping and healing strategy, especially for people facing depression and anxiety and engaging in dance, movement, art creation, and mindfulness activities aids in managing stress.     I find power in Creative Wellness because I can address my feelings and heal. I am drawn [...]

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Choose Invigoration Over Isolation

  Written by: Cameron Sonnentag     Invigorate yourself and your activities while you’re stuck at home. With the closing of schools, sporting events, local business and more, you might find yourself trapped in isolation. Often times you feel bored as if you’re going stir crazy. This is the time to get out your to-do list [...]

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Boredom Sparks Creativity !

Written by: Paulina Segarra Pedraza       Illustration by Roberts Rurans This sudden change in our lives has taken us on a journey back to our childhoods. Before smartphones, laptop computers, and other forms of instant gratification, creativity was the only solution to boredom. We would pretend that the floor is lava and that couches [...]

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ArtSpeaks’ Hosted Event: Courageous Young Voices

  352Creates invites you to attend ArtSpeaks’ annual “Courageous Young Voices” event held at the Historic Thomas Center on Sunday, March 8th from 4 to 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public and encourages active participation. For more information to sign up, see the bottom of the page. “Courageous Young Voices” [...]

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Zero Waste: Headed to a town near you! #CreateInPlace

Could you live your life without creating any waste? This seems like a daunting task for most Americans considering we each create about 4.4 pounds of waste daily, as reported by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, the zero-waste movement has spread across America and made its appearance in Gainesville on February 1st at [...]

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No New Planet: An Interactive Art Event at the Civic Media Center #352Creates

Art, words, and acts as refreshing as water flowed throughout the Civic Media Center on Saturday for the interactive art event No New Planet. The event hosted by North Central Florida indivisible urged the community to come together to support our Mother Earth! Huge thanks to all the involved organizers and volunteers that helped make [...]

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