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Get Creative with Herbs!

Planning a Garden for Growing Herbs

By Cameron Sonnentag

I am a recent addition to the herb garden family, and I’m here to share my experience in growing and using herbs in different ways. Growing an herb garden is fun and versatile. If you have access to sunlight, soil, and consistent water, you will create a beautiful garden. You can grow herbs and any plant in a container of any type; this includes mason jars, gutters, plastic bottles, shoe organizers, cans, and even big tubs. This “DIY” list of containers is not only practical but environmentally friendly. The less we consume, the more we will prevent waste, each of us from generating a large ecological footprint on this earth!


How to Build a Vertical Herb (or Lettuce!) Planter – Bonnie Plants


I am currently growing basil, oregano, cilantro, and mint. And let me tell you, they are thriving. I have never grown herbs before in my life, so I had expected little success, but these herbs are tall and wide. I water them every night and allow them access to plenty of sunlight. I am excited to use my herbs in many different ways. Let me tell you what I’ve found:

Creative Ways to Use Your Herbs

  • Add to syrups and jellies
  • Create lavender pillows for relaxation
  • Use herbs in homemade soap recipes
  • Create herbal salts and butters
  • Make herb bags and toss into the dryer
  • Create an herbal wreath
  • Use herbs to make a dietary supplement

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Growing herbs has become a creative outlet for me. I enjoy being outdoors, watching my plants grow, and using them in different ways. One of my favorites is to spice up my meals with herbs; I highly recommend it. Get creative with herbs and show us how your garden! Follow us at 352Creates on all social platforms!

Do you value creativity in your organization or as an individual? Create in Place is the second Friday of every month and 352Creates promotes the idea that creativity can happen anytime, anywhere! And it’s good for our health as individuals and as a community! 

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