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Let’s HIIT the Gym with Cameron’s Summer Workout!

illustration by Rami Niemi

by Cameron Sonnentag

If you’re not familiar, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is the most effective way to exercise and burn fat. High-Intensity Interval Training involves short bursts of intense exercise combined with low-intensity periods of recovery. The goal is to get your heart rate up; why you ask? Because it burns calories. This summer, especially, I have adopted a healthy exercise regimen. This practice has helped my brain function at a fast pace, and my body to perform better. I encourage you all to try these moves the next time you’re ready to HIIT the gym. They require no equipment and no experience. Feel the power with these HIIT workout exercises that last only one minute. Repeat once more and trust me, you’ll start to feel the burn.


Lower your body into a squat with your chest to the sky. Place your hands on the floor or mat in front of you, and jump your feet back behind you into a plank position. For more intensity, lower your body to the floor, allowing your stomach to touch. Then jump your feet back towards your hands, and jump up in the air. Repeat this move for one minute.


Lie on your stomach as if you were going to shoot off in the air like superman! Your arms and legs will be off the floor as you reach your arms in front of you. Squeeze your lower back and glute muscles while raising your hands and feet. This move is super effective because strengthening your back helps in building your core.

Mountain Climbers

This is a cardio killer! Place your body in a plank position. You will bring one knee at a time into your chest as if you’re running. Do this for one minute. If you really want to feel the burn, try one-legged mountain climbers an extra calorie burn!

Squat Jumps

Lower your body into a squat, keeping your knees in and chest to the sky! Touch your hands to the floor, or your ankles if you’re not flexible enough, and jump high into the air. Your goal is to ramp up your heart rate with each jump. What appears as a simple exercise will keep your leg muscles working and your heart rate up.



Flutter Kicks

This is one of my favorite core strengthening HIIT exercises! Lie on your back with just your lower back touching the ground. Your legs will remain in the air as high as you’d like. The lower your legs, the harder it gets. Place your arms behind your head, near your sides, or on the ground. Being to flutter kick your legs up and down. You will feel this in your inner thighs and lower abs and obliques. Continue for one minute.

Give it Your Best Shot!

We would love to see you perform these HIIT exercises! Please take a picture and send it to 352Creates for a feature spotlight on our Instagram account. Remember to get active and stay active. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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