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  • 352Creates is a community extension of UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine program. We promote the idea that creativity is good for our health and well-being as individuals and community.
  • 352Creates is a network of individuals, organizations, and businesses united by the idea that creativity connects our community and makes us healthier and stronger.

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Create in Place
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Check out the Blog


  • “The event [the 352Creates community event in 2017] was accessible – free, centrally located, and near a bus station – and brought a diverse audience together to share in educational fun. Many kids who had never touched instruments before got to lay their hands on our drum kit and guitars. Many families who had never heard of our camp walked away with one of our fliers. I also saw a lot of families taking pictures of their kids at our booth which likely made it onto social media to their friends and family, so it is hard to estimate how wide of an audience we reached by participating.” Chelsea Carnes, Gainesville Girls Rock Camp
  • “Art provides the potential for people to get to know one another, which is one of the greatest gifts we can offer. If art is an expression of oneself, then maybe it also suggests vulnerability, and vulnerability models transparency, and transparency builds authenticity. Through the whimsy of painting, drawing, singing, sculpting, writing and dancing, we invite each other into our stories and find unity as we see parts of our story in someone else. This is my understanding. This has been my desire for The Bull. So, collaborating with 352Creates is music to my ears.” Jacob Larson, The Bull
  • “Creativity is a key element of any thriving community. It has been my experience that the more open and creative the environment, the more productive, efficient and satisfied are the people doing the work.” Mayor Lauren Poe, City of Gainesville
  • “Art is not just the created object, it is a way of life, a holistic experience that incorporates aesthetics with personal, communal, spiritual beliefs, historical events, stories, dreams and personal visions. The process of creating something is more important than the something itself, because the creative process is an integrating experience, unifying all of the aspects of the human being; returning them to wholeness.Creativity is a vehicle to integration and enhanced relationships and connection with ourselves, others, our environment and, ultimately, the entire world and universe, creating wholeness, relaxation, awareness and a return to our natural state of being. This is the Yogic and Ayurvedic definition of health.” Chaya Sharon Heller, ChayaVeda Integrative Healing Arts

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