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Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Banks

“I find many of my processes move in and fill the void in other areas of my life using my experiences as therapy translated into music.”

What inspires your creative practice?

Jonathan Banks, also known as, “B.i.g J The Frothy Main,” is an executive producer from Gainesville, FL.
He prides himself on versatility and making music and events for all people while his life experiences have been a major role in his career and music journey. He continues to create ,trend and lead many business ventures that use the power of music to change lives.

How has your practice moved you through the last challenging couple years?

My creative process involves maintaining an atmosphere within myself where my creativity can thrive, I do this by constantly creating with the intent to execute, the meaning behind this is, no thought or experience is meaningless, and while I continuously build and learn from these thoughts, I find many of my processes move in and fill the void in other areas of my life using my experiences as therapy translated into music.

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How does creativity keep you connected to others and to yourself?

I like to work with anyone that is true to themselves, serious about music culture, puts thought into the moves they make, and are passionate about what they share with the world. Overall, I would like to work with people who are confident in what they do. Its important that even my listeners know that Jonathan Banks as a musician is someone that is growing with you, and just like you — I am someone who has taken everything that has happened from my experiences to navigate through life beyond my circumstances and surroundings to be the best version of myself, so when you hear my life expression on audio remember that. Everyone faces adversity in some form. I think the best solution for when it does arise, is to know that you can’t always fix the situation but you can fix yourself. In the furture — You can expect me to move deeper into global arenas where digital business solutions, events and resources are needed to help economies. Helping our culture crossover into digital assets and currency while posting content that inspires the mindstate of wealth that contributes to our personal growth.



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