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Fun and Simple DIY Crafts!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the perfect time to bond with loved ones. Do-It-Yourself crafts are a great activity for all ages—and believe it or not, you can create useful projects by simply putting together a few household materials. Here are three craft ideas for a recycled hanging planter, a bottle cap [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Banks

"I find many of my processes move in and fill the void in other areas of my life using my experiences as therapy translated into music." What inspires your creative practice? Jonathan Banks, also known as, “B.i.g J The Frothy Main,” is an executive producer from Gainesville, FL. He prides himself on versatility and making [...]

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Seeing Patterns: The Art (And Brief History) of Mandala-making

By Uma Raja Mandalas are notable for the beauty of their intricate and colorful designs. However, they are more than a pretty piece of artwork. A mandala is a religious and spiritual symbol with roots in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The word mandala originates from Sanskrit, the oldest language in the world. It translates to [...]

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Our 352Creates @ Haile Village Farmers Market

As I continue my journey to discovering the hidden insight that is creativity, I next ventured into the local Gainesville community. I made a pit-stop at the most relevant place I could think of, the Haile Village Farmers Market. This is an independent farmers market that is owned and operated by local farmers. When you [...]

Zine Making at GFAA: October’s #CreateInPlace

Gainesville Fine Arts Association hosted October’s #CreateInPlace activity! The event was organized by Dia Flores, GFAA Gallery Assistant. The event was free and open to the public.           Participants were able to create a “zine,” short for “magazine,” and are in fact just shorter magazines. It is a small-circulation self-published work of [...]

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Creative Ways to be Sustainable

352Creates wants to wish you a Happy Earth Day by encouraging you to try these creative ways to be sustainable. Earth Day is a day where we can celebrate the beautiful planet we live on, and also learn how we can take steps to preserve our planet and move to a more sustainable lifestyle. By [...]

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Library Partnership: April’s #CreateInPlace

Library Partnership hosted a rock painting activity in their Teen Lounge on the second Friday of the month for 352Creates! Librarian Cindy Dorfeld Bruckman organized the after school activity which was free and open to the public.  The activity was part of the 352Creates movement and encouraged participants to de-stress and express themselves through creativity. The [...]

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Harmonograph Art at GFAA: February’s #CreateInPlace

Gainesville Fine Arts Association hosted February’s #CreateInPlace activity! The event was organized by Tracy McDurmon, Teresa Cooper and Jimmy Yawn and other members of GFAA. The event was free and open to the public.   Participants were able to make art through a device called the harmonograph, a machine that dates back to the 19th century. [...]

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The creative benefits of baking

By Rachel Gerardi What started out as a side gig and stress reliever has evolved into a part-time cookie shop for Lauren Irizarry, UF Health Office of Development assistant director of digital communication. When she’s not working, she’s in her kitchen baking, icing and decorating a variety of sugar cookies for birthdays, baby showers, weddings — you name [...]

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Sign Pro of North Florida: January’s #CreateInPlace

For January's #CreateInPlace activity, Sign Pro of North Florida hosted an evening to create fairy doors and tree faces and joined the 352Creates movement to bring community together for health and wellness through creativity! In the Sign Pro of North Florida studio in downtown Alachua, participants were able to learn some of the tools and [...]

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