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Fun and Simple DIY Crafts!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the perfect time to bond with loved ones. Do-It-Yourself crafts are a great activity for all ages—and believe it or not, you can create useful projects by simply putting together a few household materials.

Here are three craft ideas for a recycled hanging planter, a bottle cap wind chime, and an upcycled wine cork memo board. These DIY designs are both fun to make as well as environmentally sustainable!


  1. Recycled Hanging Planters


Materials Needed:

-Plastic bottle

-Exacto knife or scissors

-Paint and brushes



-Plant or flower of your choice

The first step is to rip the plastic wrapper off the bottle. Cut the bottle on a diagonal angle using scissor, or preferably, an exacto knife. Clean up any edges and add two or three coats of paint.


Allow the paint to dry and cut a small hole in the bottom of the bottle so that water can drain. Fill the bottle halfway with dirt and add your plant.

Next, poke two holes on the opposite sides of the container. Since you cut the bottle diagonally, one hole should be higher than the other. String a piece of rope through the holes and tie your new planter wherever you want! 


  1. Bottle Cap Wind Chime


Materials Needed:


-Bottle caps

-Hammer and nails

-Paint and brushes 





First, cut three pieces of wire. Wrap them individually around the top of the stick so the wires are hanging down. 

Take your old bottle caps and use a nail and hammer to poke two small holes on opposite sides. You can also paint your bottle caps fun colors with paint! Determine how you want to arrange the pattern of beads, bells, and bottle caps. Thread everything on the wire, then twist the bottom so nothing falls. You can also get creative and add additional items such as pretty pieces of lace. Finally, add a piece of string around the edges of the stick and hang the wind chime on your porch or in a tree!