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Welcome to 352Creates

We’re happy to see you here! Feel free to look around the site and get a better idea of how you can incorporate 352Creates into your daily life. Whether that means reaching out to us to become a part of the Active Streets + 352 Creates Create in Community event in February 2018 or simply engaging in #CreateInPlace on social media the second Friday of every month, we are excited to see what you come up with! Our part of the country is such a special community, and we love to help connect it through art, expression and creativity.

On this blog, we will be showcasing different individuals and organizations in the community that are a great example of innovation and creativity, so stay tuned! Like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @352Creates to follow our events and to see what your fellow 352Creators are concocting. Contact us with any questions or to talk with us about hosting a joint event with 352Creates. What will you create today?

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