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Top Films to Fit Your Summer Mood




Written by: Cameron Sonnentag


While it can be fun to get outside this summer, I believe relaxing is just as important! And one of my favorite ways to relax this summer is to watch a movie. I have provided a list of my favorite summer movies, all of which are ranked according to the mood you’re in! Thank you for supporting 352Creates and staying creative this year!

If You Love a Good Cry:


1. “Selena”

2. “A Walk to Remember”

3. “The Fault in Our Stars”

4. “My Girl”

5. “A Star is Born”


If You Love to Bust a Move:

1.  “The Wiz”

2. “Grease”

3. “La La Land”

4. “Mama Mia”

5. “Blue Crush”



If You Love Family Movies:

1.  “Moana”

2. “Are We There Yet?”

3. “Now and Then”

4. “Jurassic World”

5. “Finding Nemo”



If You Love Romantic Comedy:

1.  “The Lovebirds”

2. “The Vow”

3. “13 Going on 30”

4. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

5. “A Cinderella Story”

If You Love a Good Laugh:

1. “10 Things I Hate About You”

2. “The Proposal”

3. “She’s The Man”

4. “Trainwreck”

5. “Vacation”

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