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Creative Wellness: Choose Happiness!

Written by: Cameron Sonnentag



Creative Wellness is a helpful coping and healing strategy, especially for people facing depression and anxiety and engaging in dance, movement, art creation, and mindfulness activities aids in managing stress.



I find power in Creative Wellness because I can address my feelings and heal. I am drawn to all kinds of Creative Wellness activities, including art-making, music, and dance. Letting go of my responsibilities and expectations and participating in activities that do not require your brain to think too hard helps me heal from the inside out! Do you remember a time where you felt stressed or anxious? Could you pinpoint an activity or thing that you could’ve done to put you at ease? There are even ways for us to heal and be creative together! Talk about these feelings to a family member or friend that you trust. Think of a Creative Wellness activity that sparks your interest and brings you joy! Your happiness is important! Choose happiness!


Do you value creativity in your organization or as an individual? Create in Place is the second Friday of every month and 352Creates promotes the idea that creativity can happen anytime, anywhere! And it’s good for our health as individuals and as a community! 

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